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The Vitamin D Revolution
By Dr Soram Khalsa M.D.

2009 - Paperback - approx 6 or $9
Amazon Book Code: 1401924700
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Covers all the important areas in a simple but comprehensive format.
Written by a doctor who has been treating his own patients for the last five years.
Includes advice on blood tests and supplement levels taken from his own experience.
Enough detail to allow you to discuss your Vitamin D health with your own doctor.
Very easy read.

Vitamin D Prescription
By Dr Eric Madrid M.D.

2009 - Paperback - approx 7 or $10
Amazon Book Code: 1439229465
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Slightly more technical introduction but still written in an easy to read style.
Concentrates on the medical evidence linking deficiency to many diseases.
Should convince a sceptical doctor of the truth behind the news stories.
More challenging read - recommended for those that want a summary of current research.

The Vitamin D Solution  
By Dr Michael Holick M.D.

2011 - Paperback - approx 9 or $14
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Amazon Book Code: 0452296889
Amazon UK - The Vitamin D Solution
Amazon USA - The Vitamin D Solution

Dr. Holicks long awaited new book.
Written by one of the worlds leading Vitamin D experts - who is also a gifted communicator.
Dr Holick is currently Professor of Medicine, Physiology and Biophysics at Boston University Medical Center.